Linen yarn and linen twine for weaving

Linen fiber is a plant characterized by a beautiful shine, smooth surface, durability, color fastness and absorbency. Linen products do not stain easily. They do not pick up static, they are easy to wash, dry quickly and last for long if taken care of according to instructions. 

We offer our customers durable and high-quality linen yarns and twines. Veera linen yarn is thinner than a linen twine and has a beautiful sheen. Veera linen is suitable for crocheting, knitting, weaving, looms and as a warp yarn. Aivina linen yarn is softer and is best for accessory and clothes making. 

In addition to linen yarns, we offer durable linen twines that can be used for weaving alone or in combination with cotton and jute. Due to its thickness, linen twine can also be used to make sauna textiles.

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Linen twine

44.00 / kg

Veera linen yarn

48.00 / kg

Aivina linen 16/2 250g

From 21.00 / roll(s)

Aivina linen 16/4 250g

From 21.00 / roll(s)

Linen fiber


Linen felt


Linen cord

From 8.00 / roll(s)

Linen Ella


Linen yarn 30m


Aivina linen 16/1

From 52.00 / kg