Fiber linen is a long stemmed grass plant. Beautiful shine, smooth surface, strenght, light fastness ja absorption ability are some of the characteristics of linen. Products made of linen dont stain easily, won't get static, are easily cleaned and they last a long time when taken care properly.

Linen twine can be used alone or together with cotton or jute in weaving. Due to its strenght, linen twine is also good n crocheted projects, e.g. in sauna textiles 

Veera linen yarn is thinner than linen twine and it has a beautiful sheen. Veera is well suited to crocheting, knitting, weaving and used in warps.

Aivina linen has three different thicknesses. It is soft and pleasant to touch, well suited for accessories and garments.

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Linen twine

44.00 / kg

Veera linen yarn

48.00 / kg

Aivina linen 16/2 250g

From 20.00 / Roll(s)

Aivina linen 16/4 250g

From 20.00 / Roll(s)

Linen fiber


Linen felt


Linen cord

From 8.00 / Roll(s)

Linen Ella


Linen yarn 30m


Aivina linen 16/1 1kg

From 52.00 / kg