Organic Ella

From 12.50

The popular Ella tube yarn series has expanded with the Organic Ella!

-Fibre Content: 100% Organic Cotton

- approx. 1 kg / 220 m

-width approx. 10 mm

Organic-Ella is made from organic cotton coming from Peru. Ella-tubeyarn is made in Finland, and it has the Keyflag symbol as a sign of Finnish work.

The weft is immediately ready for use as it is dyed at 80 degrees.

The colors are charmingly deep: natural and earthy, due to the organic raw material. Organic Ella is perfect for crocheting; carpets, baskets and other home textiles.


Product variations
Charcoal 1 kg
Color: Charcoal
Weight: 1 kg
25.00 €
Silver 1 kg
Color: Silver
Weight: 1 kg
25.00 €
Lingonberry 0,5 kg
Color: Lingonberry
Weight: 0,5 kg
12.50 €
Oliivi 0,5 kg
Color: Oliivi
Weight: 0,5 kg
12.50 €
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