Paper yarn

Paper yarn

Paper yarns for crocheting, knitting, crafting, weaving and macramé making.


Our paper yarns are made in Finland and dyed in our factory in Lappajärvi. We are proud to have received the Key Flag symbol for our dyed paper yarn products. It highlights local and ecological nature of our products. Yarns are dyed with OEKO TEX certified dyes.



Our paper yarns are dyed in more than 30 shades and the selection is the largest in Europe. Our paper yarns are suitable for knitting, crocheting, weaving, crafting and knotting. We want to inspire our customers to enjoy making things with their hands.

We want to be versatile. This is why our selection consists of yarns available in different colors and thicknesses. We also offer paper yarns with a glitter effect.


The material used is wet strength paper, which can also withstand light washing or moisture wiping.


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