Rug yarns

Rug yarns

Rug yarns for carpet weavers and crochet enthusiasts

Ecological production is near to our hearts. We have been dyeing rug yarns for over 40 years. Our products are suitable for hobby and professional weaving of rag rugs and various crochets. 

We offer our customers many options, as our rug yarns are in 30 different colors. Dyeing process is ecological, and dyes used in our facility have the OEKO TEX standard certification. 

In addition to color options there are several thickness options of rug yarns. Ella-tube yarn is made from recycled cotton and dyed in a hot water, so the yarn shrinks. Sisal on the other hand, is made from a durable plant and is suitable for products that require durability. The cotton soft Saana yarn can be used for crocheting and weaving. 

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Cotton tricot

From 12.00 / kg

Ella-tube yarn

20.00 / kg

Pikku Ella tube yarn

20.00 / kg

Mini Ella tube yarn

20.50 / kg

Organic Ella

From 12.50

Organic Pikku Ella

From 12.50

Organic Mini Ella

From 12.50

Saana velvet yarn

From 5.00 / roll(s)

Edging ribbon

From 4.50 / m


From 17.00 / kg

Eko tube cotton

7.00 / kg
10.00 €

Mini Eko tube cotton

7.00 / kg
10.00 €

Liina cotton twine, 6 ply 0,5 kg

From 15.00 / roll(s)

Cotton warp yarn 1,8 kg

From 50.00

Nelli tube in sack

From 5.00 / kg