Moppari twisted mop yarn


Moppari twisted mop yarn is three stranded cotton yarn and it is made from cutting waste of textile industry. It is made by Suomen lanka and the color of the yarn comes from the cutting waste itself which means twisted yarn is not dyed. Some polyester is added to product so it handles wear and tear better. Excellent macrame material!. One roll has aprox. 1 kg of yarn.

Variantes de produit
Bright white
Couleur: Bright white
18,00 €
Couleur: Peach
18,00 €
Couleur: Pistachio
18,00 €
Couleur: Mustard
18,00 €
Light brown
Couleur: Light brown
18,00 €
Couleur: Red
18,00 €
Couleur: Grey
18,00 €
Light turquoise
Couleur: Light turquoise
18,00 €
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